Cultural Tribes Peace Network: Introducing Peace Covenants

Declaration of Human Rights 
The Black Man and Violence

The Human Rights Declaration for The Black Man and Violence puts on display the assured violent death of the black man in Georgia – and in America."
                                                                          -- Chairman Al Bartell

Cultural Tribes Peace Network Announces "Call For Justice" Gathering On Cleveland Avenue Saturday, May 28th In Honor Of Young Thug, 27 Others Indicted

Formed by  Phillip "Stone" Ramsey and Al Bartell, Cultural Tribes Peace Network is established to introduce peace covenants as an approach to dismantle the framework of violence in America, starting in the state of Georgia.....

Welcome to 
Cultural Tribes Peace Network

A movement in urban, suburban, and rural communities.  Courageous acts that decrease violence and bring peace.

Stay tuned.


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